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    5 ft. 8 in.
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    High School
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    Consulting Services
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I am sensitive, vibrant, intelligent, average and considered attractive. I have an inquisitive mind and take an interest in the world. Sharing and exchanging ideas even if they differ from my own stimulates me. Good open communication is really necessary for me to develop a trusting relationship. Throughout my life I have had many deep and meaningful experiences. The highs have been wonderful and the lows have been painful and exposed my vulnerabilities. Despite this I can still laugh at the irony of life at times and I try to remain upbeat with a sense of humor, welcoming smile and a gentle spirit that shows empathy and understanding.

What I am looking for

Looking for a guy. You will be sincere, sensitive, gentle, active, easy going with a sense of fun and warm smile. You will believe in standing together with a partner facing life's highs and lows.