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    5 ft. 2 in.
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    High School
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    Self Employed
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    Yes, living with me


I'm a very positive person, have a srong testimony from the church, love doing everything that involves nature. Simple manners and hard worker.
Have lived in Italy for 7 years and love to travel around the world.
Just ask me whatever you want but if your profile is fake do not loose your time, I'm too smart and you will be fastly denounced.

What I am looking for

i'm looking for friendship which can transform in something bigger. I trusted my life to Heavenly Father and as it is written at Alma 29, I am really happy and know that he is preparing my eternal husband, once I be ready he will make me match him. if you are not member from the church do not contact me, just only if you really need to learn something about Gospel.